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Sales Pros - Sales Managers

Team Meetings
Sales meetings and associations

What They'll Get

How to Get Customers to Stop Lying to You

  • Competing in a commodity environment getting honest feedback from customers
  • Getting honest feedback from customers

C-Suite - Senior VP - VP Director

YPO/EO Leadership Meetings/Retreats

What They'll Get

Increasing the Speed of Innovation

  • Competing in a commodity environment
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Innovating faster

HR Associates - Managers

Association Meetings

What They'll Get

How to Significantly Increase User Adoption of New Initiatives Inside Your Organization

  • Increasing employee adoption of new corporate initiatives and programs


Economic Development Event

What They'll Get

My Entrepreneurial Journey and Valuable Lessons Learned

  • Inspiring future entrepreneurs and community leaders

The Entire Company

All-hands event
Association Meeting

What They'll Get

The Expert Trap

  • Corporate growth is not happening fast enough
  • Worried about potential disruption

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“Diana spoke at one of our recent Leaders Conferences. We received many positive comments about her message and engaging speaking style. I would highly recommend Diana to any organization who wants a speaker who has lived the life of an entrepreneur and can communicate in a relevant and humorous way what it takes to start a business and be successful.”
Assurity Life Insurance Company

“I attended your presentation today and am very enthused and encouraged by your ideas. Your talk was very thought provoking and you are a gifted presenter and I really enjoyed your content/material and found multiple items that I could begin applying immediately that can improve my daily work. I was very intrigued with your concepts and approach!”
Hallmark Cards, Inc

“The Partnership was extremely happy with Diana Kander’s presentation at our annual breakfast. We received a significant number of positive comments from a cross section of the community; economic development investors, elected officials and entrepreneurs. Diana’s presentation was thought provoking and left attendees with an understanding of how they can become involved and assist growing startup companies in our community. Diana was very engaging, entertaining and gave timely advice. Obviously Diana is an expert in the field.”
Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development

“I just finished reading “All in Startup.” What a remarkable book. Over the past many years, I have found that publishers have flooded instructors and by extension classrooms with linear text material that treat entrepreneurship as if it were a cake recipe; and the education establishment has followed by expecting entrepreneurship curriculum to meet the expectations of accreditation agencies at the expense of student learning. Your book provides entrepreneurial insight within page-turning story telling.”
Texas A&M University

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“Our group spans multiple generations, including collegians, and Diana did an excellent job of tailoring her presentation for our age-diverse group. Her messaging of being a problem-solver to be a successful entrepreneur and solving migraines–not just headaches–was delivered with real-world examples as well as humor. The interactivity of the session was welcomed, and she commanded constant attention with a ballroom full of 150 people during all parts of her exercises. She delivered a strong take-home message of making small bets to move personal or professional projects forward and how to test your ideas. ”
Mizzou Alumni Association
“Diana Kander’s All in Startup and the training that she provided my product management team contains the principles that can make a significant impact on our organization’s business results. My team really enjoyed the hands on interaction with Diana and the mentoring that she provided. The level of engagement from Diana made it really meaningful and much more personal. Most importantly the training has provided a roadmap for transforming our business into a more entrepreneurial company.”
Perceptive Software/Lexmark
“Diana does an superior job of speaking to a wide variety of audiences. She engaged students, faculty and business owners all with ease. And, Diana’s message isn’t all roses – she challenges her audiences to think differently, act strategically, and create critical conversations among founders, businesses and collaborators. The dialog she spurred continues to shape our thinking today.”
Millikin University, Tabor School of Business
“Diana was not only engaging but her sense of humor, quick wit and honesty resonated very well with our audience. I think our attendees left our event after hearing Diana thinking about how they can do thing differently both in their personal and professional lives.”
Lee County/Horizon Foundation
“Diana was a dynamic speaker, and I took a lot away from her presentation. She was very energetic and thought provoking.”
Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Center
“Thanks so much for delivering a powerful message tailored to our attendees. It worked!!! Everyone loved you and your presentation. It was definitely a home run. And yes, the entire conference was hugely successful. It was evident that you put a lot of thought into it to tailor to our specific needs. I also really like that you continued to fine-tune it up to the last minute, as you peppered us with questions the night before at the restaurant! That kind of razor-focus is very rare, and it makes a huge difference. Thank you!”
California Workforce Association
“Diana continues to shine as one of the best speakers we have had the pleasure of hosting at the University of Michigan’s Distinguished Innovators Speakers Series. We regularly see the likes of the CEOs of Ford, Skype, and more, and Diana was an outstanding addition to this lineup. She has an incredibly special way of connecting with students, and has truly done it all. She talks the talk and walks the walk, and brings it all together with her direct, energetic speaking style that had our 400+ student audience at the edge of their seats. She was very much relatable and an absolute thrill for us, and she is a must-host!”
MPowered Entrepreneurship

Planning for the Event

A/V preferences:
Handheld Microphone (for Diana)
2nd Handheld Microphone (if there will be audience Q&A)
Screen & LCD Projector
PowerPoint: Diana will be using a PowerPoint and would prefer to use her own Mac laptop. (If you need a copy of her PPT Presentation beforehand, please send us your deadline and where we should upload the file/email it to directly.)
Mac dongle to connect Diana’s laptop to the projector
PowerPoint Clicker
Other: Small table on stage for notes and water.

* It is important that your speaker receive as much information as possible prior to your meeting to aid in their speech preparation. Please take a moment to fully answer all the questions and return the form to sarah@thestandardovation.com. thank you!

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